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How does HT FT betting work?
As we’ve said, HT/FT betting is similar to the WDW market except that as well as betting on what the final result will be you’re also betting on who will be winning at halftime too.

That means that there are 9 possible bets:

. Home win/home win
. Home win/draw
. Home win/away win
. Draw/home win
. Draw/draw
. Draw/away win
. Away win/away win
. Away win/draw
. Away win/home win

Half time Full time Odds
Odds vary depending on the bookmaker or betting site you choose, as well as the football match itself. As with WDW, some outcomes, e.g. draw/draw are simply much more unlikely than others almost regardless of teams, and so will have higher odds.

What makes a good half time/full time bet?
Exactly when you should go for which bet (win/win etc) depends on the specific match. However, there are some good rules that apply to all successful football betting, and betting on HT/FT is no exception.

Do Your Research
This is especially important when selecting half time/full time tips as there are many possible options for the final bet. One team might be dominant and win a lot of matches at HT and FT, but if the team they are playing is good at setting up defensively in the first half before tiring in the second half (lots of draws at HT, and losses at FT) then this might be a better bet.

We’ve got the best data around for this market, including our league table which shows you if teams perform differently against teams of different quality. For more info on how to use our league table to make better half time full time bets, check out the help section.

Take Advantage Of Offers
While sometimes only available to first time bettors, many bookies provide deals such as free bet offers. This allows you to win at their expense, making as much as possible for less risk on your part.

You could also take advantage of deals such as enhanced odds offers, which give your potential returns a boost.

FIXHTFT – we offer ht/ft fixed matches & correct scores

fixhtft we offer double ht ft fixed matches

fixhtft we offer double ht ft fixed matches



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PROOFS bet 365 (01.06.2024)

1st Match Date: 01/06/2024 (Saturday)

DENMARK: 1st Division
Horsens – Koge
Pick: 1/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 13.00

Full Time: 1:0/1:1

2nd Match Date: 01/06/2024 (Saturday)

Levangerd – Start
Pick: 2/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 13.00

Full Time: 0:1/1:1

PROOFS bet 365 (25.05.2024)

1st Match Date: 25/05/2024 (Saturday)

FINLAND: Veikkausliga
HJK – Ilves
Pick: 2/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 15.00

Full Time: 0:1/1:1

2nd Match Date: 25/05/2024 (Saturday)

JAPAN: J1 League
Kawasaki – Kashima
Pick: 1/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 13.00

Full Time: 1:0/1:1

PROOFS bet 365 (18.05.2024)

1st Match Date: 18/05/2024 (Saturday)

JAPAN: J2 League
Mito – Oita
Pick: 2/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 15.00

Full Time: 0:1/1:1

2nd Match Date: 18/05/2024 (Saturday)

GERMANY: J1 League
Sandhausen – Ingolstadt
Pick: 1/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 13.00

Full Time: 1:0/1:1

soccer tips

PROOFS bet 365 (11.05.2024)

1st Match Date: 11/05/2024 (Saturday)

SWEDEN: Superattan
Trelleborg – Utsikten
Pick: 2/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 13.00

Full Time: 1:2/2:2

2nd Match Date: 11/05/2024 (Saturday)

JAPAN: J1 League
Tokyo – Kashiwa
Pick: 1/X (Half Time – Full Time)
Odds: 15.00

Full Time: 3:1/3:3

fixing matches

Double Correct Score Fixed

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PROOF   Bet 365 

PROOF 01.06.2024

Pinkafeld vs Horitschon – Tip:

CS 1:3 (23.00) – FT: 1:3

Treibach vs Sv Spitta – Tip:

CS 4:0 (29.00) – FT: 4:0

PROOF 25.05.2024

Mechelen vs St.Liege – Tip:

CS 3:2 (17.00) – FT: 3:2

Leuven vs Westerlo – Tip:

CS 1:2 (15.00) – FT: 1:2

PROOF 18.05.2024

Rizespor vs Kasimpasa – Tip:

CS 0:0 (15.00) – FT: 0:0

Kayserispor vs Konyaspor – Tip:

CS 2:2 (15.00) – FT: 2:2

pro bet 1x2

PROOF   Bet 365 

PROOF 11.05.2024

Crete vs Panetolikos – Tip:

CS 1:2 (19.00) – FT: 1:2

Valur vs Akureyri – Tip:

CS 3:1 (23.00) – FT: 3:1

cs fixed 1x2 tips

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Betting max stake ht ft fixed matches

Betting ht ft fixed matches

Big Odds Win Today: Super Cup Showdown

Real Madrid’s Tactical Prowess in 4-1 Win Over Barcelona

In the heart of football fervor, the epic clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona unfolded at the prestigious Al Awal Park, hosted by King Saud University. As the clock struck midnight on January 15, 2024, the iconic teams took center stage, turning the pitch into a battleground for supremacy. The air was thick with anticipation, and the echoes of the crowd’s excitement reverberated through the park’s surroundings. Why not take advantage of our Big Odds Win Today and place big winning bets?

Next Super Cup showdown promised not only a display of exquisite skill and strategic prowess but also a testament to the rich history and rivalry that these two football giants brought to the field. Join us as we delve into the electrifying atmosphere and unravel the unfolding drama of this thrilling encounter between Real Madrid and Barcelona under the captivating moonlit night at Al Awal Park.

First-Half Analysis

Real Madrid 3, Barcelona 1

Besides the opening half, Real Madrid asserted their dominance with a quick and intense start. Vinícius Júnior showcased his brilliance, scoring two goals in the 7th and 10th minutes. Furthermore his clinical finishing and understanding of Jude Bellingham exposed Barcelona’s defensive vulnerabilities. Despite the setbacks, Barcelona exhibited resilience and pulled one back with Robert Lewandowski’s well-placed shot in the 33rd minute. The near miss from Ferran Torres in the 37th minute highlighted Barcelona’s offensive threat but also emphasized the need for defensive improvements.

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Manipulated fixed matches betting

Big Odds Win Today: Second-Half Analysis

Real Madrid 4, Barcelona 1

Agan, Real Madrid continued their control in the second half, with Vinícius Júnior completing a hat-trick from the penalty spot in the 49th minute. The balance tilted further in Real Madrid’s favor as Ronald Araújo received a second yellow card in the 71st minute, reducing Barcelona to 10 men. Real Madrid capitalized on their numerical advantage, with Rodrygo adding a fourth goal in the 64th minute.

Substitutions, including the introduction of Dani Ceballos and Joselu, showcased Real Madrid’s depth and flexibility. The disciplined defending in the latter stages ensured Barcelona had minimal chances, securing the 4-1 victory for Real Madrid.

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Big Odds Win Today: Goal Breakdown

7th Minute: Vinícius Júnior Opens the Scoring

Real Madrid’s early dominance pays off as Vinícius Júnior scores a right-footed shot from the center of the box, assisted by Jude Bellingham.

10th Minute: Vinícius Júnior Doubles the Lead

Therefore Vinícius Júnior extends Real Madrid’s lead with another right-footed shot, this time from close range. Bellingham again provides the assist.

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33rd Minute: Lewandowski Pulls One Back for Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski scores a crucial goal for Barcelona with a right-footed shot from outside the box, narrowing the deficit.

37th Minute: Ferran Torres Hits the Crossbar

Barcelona comes close to equalizing as Ferran Torres strikes the crossbar with a right-footed shot from the center of the box, assisted by Pedri.

49th Minute: Vinícius Júnior Completes Hat-Trick from the Spot

Max betting football matches

Vinícius Júnior secures his hat-trick, converting a penalty with a right-footed shot to the bottom left corner after a foul in the penalty area.

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64th Minute: Rodrygo Adds a Fourth for Real Madrid

Real Madrid extends their lead as Rodrygo scores with a right-footed shot from the center of the box, solidifying their control.

These key moments highlight Real Madrid’s attacking prowess, Barcelona’s attempts to respond, and the pivotal events that shaped the outcome of the Super Cup final, ultimately resulting in a 4-1 victory for Real Madrid.

Big Odds Win Today: Key Player Performances

Man of the Match – Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid)

Scored a brilliant hat-trick (7th, 10th, 49th minutes) showcasing clinical finishing. Formed a dynamic partnership with Jude Bellingham, providing crucial assists. Exploited defensive weaknesses and played a pivotal role in Real Madrid’s dominance.

Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid) – Midfield Maestro

Instrumental in Vinícius Júnior’s goals, providing key assists in the 7th and 10th minutes. Controlled the midfield, displaying vision and distributing the ball effectively. Combined well with attacking players, contributing to Real Madrid’s attacking fluidity.

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Big Odds Win Today: Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona) – Lone Scorer

Scored Barcelona’s only goal in the 33rd minute with a well-placed shot from outside the box. Displayed goal-scoring prowess and served as a lone bright spot in Barcelona’s attack.

Ronald Araújo (Barcelona) – Mixed Fortunes

Received two yellow cards, resulting in a red card in the 71st minute, impacting Barcelona’s chances. Showed resilience in defensive situations but ultimately faced challenges against Real Madrid’s attacking trio.

Real odds football fixed bets

Ferran Torres (Barcelona) – Offensive Threat

Created goal-scoring opportunities and came close to equalizing with a shot hitting the crossbar in the 37th minute. Demonstrated pace and skill, posing a constant threat to Real Madrid’s defense.

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Big Odds Win Today: Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) – Midfield Maestro

Controlled the tempo of the game, dictating play from midfield. Provided stability and distribution, contributing to Real Madrid’s overall dominance. Played a key role before being substituted in the 81st minute.

These standout performances shaped the Super Cup final, with Vinícius Júnior and Jude Bellingham at the forefront of Real Madrid’s success. At the same time, individual efforts from players like Robert Lewandowski and Ferran Torres showcased Barcelona’s resilience amidst challenges.

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Tactical Analysis

Big Odds Win Today: Real Madrid’s Dominant Formation: 4-3-3

High-Intensity Pressing

Real Madrid employed a high-pressing strategy from the start, putting pressure on Barcelona’s defense and midfield. Vinícius Júnior and Rodrygo led the charge, disrupting Barcelona’s build-up play.

Attacking Trio’s Fluidity

The front three of Vinícius Júnior, Rodrygo, and Jude Bellingham exhibited exceptional fluidity. Bellingham’s ability to drop into pockets of space allowed the wide forwards to make penetrating runs, creating numerous goal-scoring opportunities.

Correct Score Betting – Betting Odds 1×2 – Fixed Matches

The clash of titans between Real Madrid and Barcelona at Al Awal Park transcended expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the pages of football history. As the clock struck midnight on January 15, 2024, the hallowed grounds of King Saud University witnessed not just a football match but a spectacle that encapsulated the essence of rivalry, passion, and sheer brilliance. Real Madrid, with their commanding 4-1 victory, showcased a masterclass in strategic football correct score. Vinícius Júnior emerged as the talisman, his hat-trick painting a vivid picture of skill and precision. The team’s high-pressing tactics and fluidity in the attack overwhelmed Barcelona, leaving no room for recovery. The early goals set the tone, and each subsequent move illustrated Real Madrid’s dominance.

Betting max stake fixed matches

Barcelona’s Struggles Guarantee Real Madrid’s Victory

On the flip side, Barcelona, despite glimpses of individual brilliance, found themselves grappling with defensive vulnerabilities and an inability to contend with the relentless pressure applied by Real Madrid. The match-changing moment came with Ronald Araújo’s red card, reducing them to ten men and further tilting the scales in Real Madrid’s favor. Al Awal Park, bathed in the subtle glow of moonlight, witnessed more than a football spectacle. It became a theater of emotions, a canvas where the contrasting narratives of triumph and struggle unfolded. The crowd, though perhaps quieter in the late hours, absorbed every moment with bated breath, contributing to the unique charm of this midnight showdown.

As the final whistle echoed through the park, the legacy of this Super Cup match reverberated. Real Madrid’s celebration echoed under the starry night, and Barcelona, though defeated, was left with lessons to ponder. Al Awal Park, a witness to footballing history, stood testament to the magic that unfolds when two football powerhouses collide under the enchanting embrace of midnight. This night at King Saud University will be etched in the memories of football enthusiasts, a night when Al Awal Park hosted not just a match but an unforgettable spectacle under the celestial canopy.

betting ht ft fixed

Real Fixed Matches

Real Fixed Matches

FREE MATCH FOR 17.03.2024

Match: Cercle Brugge – RWDM

Tip: 1

Odds: 1.40    Result: 4:0 WON

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Real Fixed Matches

How To Win Big On Football Betting

It is difficult to reject that football is the most well-known game. A large number of fans overall watch live transmissions of key matches including public groups, top European homegrown associations, and Champions League. Other football occasions, for example, the Europa League are similarly famous. Because of this, numerous individuals need to adapt their insight. Sports wagering is one of the most evident alternatives for this. Here are a few hints on the best way to win enormous on football wagers. Read the following  article and get to know how to win big on football betting.

Benefit With Matched Betting

One of the alternatives to building your rewards is coordinated wagering. This is a sort of technique that depends on the contrary results of football real fixed matches. You can even utilize uncommon bookmaker programming to follow the outcomes. On account of danger control and unique administrations, you can mechanize rates and diminish chances.

Keep a Record Real Fixed Matches

You should take notes to arrange all your wagering exercises. What are your wagers? What amount of cash did you stake? Is the benefit worth the wagering hazard? You should record each move you make to comprehend the dangers and use cash for the executives. Without this, your wagers can be disorderly. A great many people remember everything, except this is some unacceptable methodology. The smallest fervor and you digress from your technique. Here numerous bettors commit huge errors and lose fortunes.

How to never lose a football fixed ht ft bet

Change Bookmakers

One of the basic tip on how to win big on football betting is that you change your bookmakers. The truth of the matter is that numerous bookmakers are keen on beginners and offer enticing greeting rewards. if that the betting conditions are adequate, you can initiate one of the advancements and increment your underlying store. Additionally, a few bookmakers offer danger-free wagers under specific conditions. This is particularly obvious If you are more than certain about the result of a match.

ht ft fixed matches 30 odds sure

ht ft fixed matches 30 odds sure fixed bets

Halftime/Fulltime Betting Fixed 30 Odds Sure

A halftime and fulltime fixed 30 odds bet should take two important factors into consideration. First of all, although the odds on this market are better than those on the match betting market, picking two ht ft fixed matches free in one month is still twice as challenging as picking one. Secondly, 58-60% of football goals are scored in the second half. When all things are equal, a bet on a halftime draw ht ft fixed tips has a higher chance of winning than a bet on either team leading at halftime.

Draw/Win Half Time Full Time Betting Fixed Today

It makes sense to bet on a first-half draw followed by your team winning the match since more goals are scored after the break. When teams are facing a strong defense that will take some time to break down, this is especially true.

Fixed Bets Big Odds – HT FT Fixed Matches Betting Tips

In football matches, half-time and full-time fixed bets big odds can be an excellent strategy when one team is a heavy favorite. A dominant team is more likely to score in both halves in this case, so it is reasonable to assume that they will do so. You can then bet on the team leading at halftime and winning fixed match.

Betting On Draw Tips Ht Ft Fixed

If both homes and aways have strong defenses and most likely to draw, HT/FT betting tips today can be a valuable strategy. In this situation, you can bet on a draw for halftime and a drawn match, which will offer better odds than backing the draw as a match wager.

HT FT 30 Odds Fixed Matches – Tips and Tricks to win

Half-time, full-time betting tips have some of the most diverse betting strategies in the betting market to date. There are different sets of strategies that you can utilise for half-time, full-time betting. You can always start by choosing each game to have a winner during the first half of the match and include having a draw draw ht ft sure win at the end of the game. It means that the ratio of your outcomes will play in your favour. You will have to consider the team you are betting on, either home or away. They always fight to get to the position they want before it gets to half-time for away teams. Always consider the statistics of each unit and carefully take a look at the odds available to make the right choice on your half-time, full-time bet.

Half-time, full-time tips tend to work on sports with two stages separated by a short break in between. The system includes most sports with such a structure, but it is prevalent in only a few of them. The market is only restricted to such specific types of sports. It is without a doubt that the most popular sport in half-time, full-time betting, is football 1×2 picks. Football offers almost all the functionalities of the half-time, full-time betting system. Football also allows the different ht ft rigged fixed games, full-time bets such as corner kicks, cards, goals, correct score and winner. These sports need to go till their weekend ht ft fixed matches, full-time bet to qualify.

Halftime Fulltime Fixed Matches

Half-Time Full-Time Fixed Matches

Half-Time Full-Time Fixed Matches

Using a tried and tested strategy can increase the success of your HT/FT fixed matches significantly. To that end, we give you three HT/FT betting tips today that can help you get more winning wagers.  Our advice is to read these tips but to also do your betting homework. That means reading the latest sports news and analyzing form and head-to-head results. Do that, and you will have much better chances of winning HT/FT bets.

Bet on Favourites to Win at Half-Time and Full-Time Bets

Let's say you want to back Chelsea to win a league game against Burnley. The Blues will undoubtedly win the match, but you will get very low odds. That's where HT/FT betting comes in handy. When you bet on strong favourites, it is always a good to back them to win their games, but also to lead at half-time. Strong teams will brush opponents aside as soon as the match. So, why not get better odds by betting on them to win today half-time and full-time fixed matches ? It makes sense, and it pays well.

Find Boring Games and Bet Draw – Draw (x-x)

If you want to get odds that are in the 4.00 to 5.50 range, you can go for the Draw – Draw (x-x) market. These odds guarantee excellent winnings. So, it's great if you find a football fixed match that ends in x-x. The best way to find these games is to look for matches between evenly matched teams that won't produce goals. These are games that even die-hard fans don't want to watch because they know they will be pretty dull. However, you can profit from that. Bet x-x, and if those games are as boring as everyone expects them to be, you will get some decent winnings.

Trigger Bonuses and Free Ht Ft Bets

Find yourself a generous bookmaker when betting on HT/FT. Bonus funds and free bets can help a lot when you want to make the most of your HT/FT wagering adventure. So, if a bookie gives you a risk-free bet or some bonus money, take it. You can use it to place a riskier bet with the betting site's funds, and get better winnings as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Half-Time/Full-Time betting work?

When betting on Half-Time/Full-Time, you predict the score at half-time and at the end of the match. To win, you must get both the HT and FT predictions right.

Is extra time included in Half-Time/Full Time bets?

No, it isn't. When you bet on HT/FT markets, you only bet on the results at half-time and full-time. Extra time and penalties are not included.

What does home team leads away team wins mean?

It means that the home team leads at half-time, but the away team turns the game around in the second half and wins the match.

What's the best betting site for HT/FT bets?

The best betting site for HT/FT bets is one that gives you great HT/FT odds. Most bookmakers offer half-time/full-time fixed betting, so you should have no problems placing HT/Ft wagers. However, not all betting sites have high HT/FT odds today.

Ht Ft Fixed Matches


Half-time / full-time fixed bets are particularly popular because of their higher odds. Ht Ft predictions today that a team will turn the game in their favour after the half-time whistle (1/2 or 2/1) often bring betting odds between 20 and 30 or even more in some occasions. To use the half-time / full-time fixed matches sports betting strategy, we recommend specializing in favourite wins. This type of bet can also be played as a combination betting strategy, whereby you can achieve a very high rate from 2 matches. Pick out games where the favourite has odds around 1.5. Subsequently, specialize in the strategy only on the subsequent variant. Place two single bets in which you bet on 1/1 fixed matches, the home team leads to the break and wins the game, as well as X/1 tips today, a draw at halftime and a win for the home team at the end of the match.  You will find that this strategy promises you the most success in the long term. The betting strategy described offers you the opportunity to have every third bet wrong, but still get out with a plus due to the high odds.

HT FT fixed matches are often associated with those suspicious and dodgy matches that offer huge odds for one team to be winning at half-time. First and foremost, of course, football should be mentioned here, but other sports such as rugby, American football or basketball are also well suited for this betting variant. Ice hockey is a special form, which is divided into three thirds. Nevertheless, it is possible here with free ht/ft tips daily providers to bet on the status after the first or second section in combination with the final status.  Don’t forget to check the odds at our selected bookmakers and the best ht ft fixed can be your perfect guide in online entertainment and is maybe the most accurate and best ht/ft prediction site! Here you will also find free tips and predictions on the following betting markets:

This betting market involves 9 possible wagers. These are home win/home win, home win/draw, home win / away win, draw / home win, draw/draw. As well as draw / away win, away win / away win, away win/draw, away win / home win. For the best and most reliable half time full time prediction, explore this market in detail. HT / FT fixed matches implies a correct prediction of the results of the first part of the match. As well as the outcome. The main difference between full and half time is instead of choosing how many goals there will be, you predict the winner in each part of the fixed match.